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Petro Salema

Petro currently leads the development of Aloha Editor, to make the web a platform for text based editing.

He discovered the possibilities for software to impact the human condition with the World Wide Web in his early teens. He noticed that most of the limitations on what we can build with software are only as insurmountable as the limits to our imagination, and thus began his study of code and design—the craft, and the people behind it.

Ghosts In The Shell

Among the most significant shifts taking place in technology are two interrelated trends: one is the emergence of personal identity as a fundamental component of software; the second is the movement towards software replacing users as the initiating agent in human-computer interaction.

Hyperconnectivity and exponential growth in computational power has made it possible to have computers involved in more facets of our lives than ever before. But as software grows in its ability to process information, the human user does not. Our processing capacity and our attention bandwidth are finite; Moore's Law does not apply to human beings. It is this inherent imbalance in how computer and human systems scale that is driving the emerging mode of computing.

It can be argued that all design is a response to the problems brought about by previous solutions, so this talk will explore how our trajectory from information scarcity to information abundance has brought about new challenges that now are engendering new models of interaction.

“No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise”

— Mock Turtle

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