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Cathy Wang

Dreamer of the future. Cathy is always looking for ways to apply design thinking to solve complex problems and create meaningful solutions. Cathy builds businesses and open new markets based on the belief that the design thinking can really change the world.

Cathy can be found mostly in London, where she helps startups shape their businesses and vision as an independent consultant. Prior to this, Cathy has worked in agencies like Frog and Fjord. She is passionate about business modelling, service design, and social enterprises, with a human-centric focus.

The designer's view to anti-sexism

We have always heard of the cliché phrase: “sex sells.” How do we design in a world that is intentionally and unintentionally powered by sexually-biased?

As designers, we are trained to look at the world around us with a curiosity and inquisition. If we take a design research approach to looking at gender, what will we find?

In this session, we will be taking a deeper look at how gender bias is embedded in the modern society. We will explore different examples of gender prejudice and mental molds within the digital realm. Looking at different case studies of user experiences crafted with focuses on sex and gender. Discussing the definition for boundaries of sexism and vulgarity in different ux examples.

“No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise”

— Mock Turtle

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