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Amelia Andersdotter

From 2011 to 2014, Amelia was a member of the European Parliament. Since then, she is on the advisory group for the Internet Governance Forum at the United Nations.

She is also founder and director at, and she has been involved in copywrongs, a pan-European initiative to help citizens engage in the European Union copyright reform of 2015.

The EU and the Internet: (Mis)Matched Lovers?

The European Union is a geopolitically innovative construct, where differences are settled through end-less conversations and cooperation is inspired similarly. It's the ultimate expression of a “liberal world order”, where nation states are reduced to individual entities in the global landscape whose rights and responsibilities towards each other can be settled by negotiation. The political construct of the European Union, I argue, is similar to the technical construct of the Internet - mutual trust, innovation and camaraderie is expected to lead to good aims. Still we have security problems - for Europe, and for the Internet. They aren't always dealt with constructively, and the older the Union and the Internet get, the smaller is the focus on the individual citizens and persons who at the end constitute the nations, and the nodes and the networks. What should the EU do to make a better Internet? And what is it already doing? Where has it failed?

“No wise fish would go anywhere without a porpoise”

— Mock Turtle

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